Friday, August 19, 2011

If It Ain't One Thing...

A rough couple of days here: not so much bad luck, but many petty aggravations. I banged up my knee pretty good, lost another pair of shoes to the dog, the allergies kicked it up a notch, and I keep dropping food on myself. (Yesterday it was an entire can of Diet Mountain Dew.)

Oh, and I had to get a new battery and new tires for the car.

I guess I should be grateful that I didn’t get the call for Red Rocket, then. Or get pulled for Swirling Sky. (Not getting picked for him wasn’t quite as aggravating as not getting picked for a Red Rocket, but it didn’t help. There’s always the wait list…)

I’m in the process of making a big sale to a regular customer that should cover the cost of my car troubles, though. If I can spare some time this weekend, I might even get a chance to throw a few items up on MHSP, too. Bodies and small items, I think, nothing to lurk about.

It is interesting that we haven’t seen too many Red Rockets up for sale in the secondary market; I don’t know if it’s because it’s not a super-popular mold (i.e. most of the drawing entrants actually wanted it for themselves) or the resellers are being more discreet about it. Fine with it, either way. I’ve got other things to obsess over.

Other than the aggravations, and the Red Rocket thingie, it’s been kind of a boring week. Lots of working, cleaning, sorting and filing. I know I’m probably just weird this way (or perhaps it’s a touch of OCD?), but there’s something very relaxing about taking a big mess of papers and putting them in a logical, usable order.

As such, I was a bit bummed didn’t get to bring back as much ephemera as I wanted to from BreyerFest this year. I still had a substantial pile of stuff from before then that needed to be dealt with, but more is always better, as far as the ephemera is concerned.

Since I’m in the middle of pulling that really big sale from the storage totes (over 20 items - no joke!) I’ll have to leave the post about this year’s BreyerFest Surprise model until tomorrow.

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