Monday, June 6, 2011

Time Management

Another excellent day at the flea market: a Dall Sheep, the bodies I had arranged a pick up on, a giant bin of auto shop name patches, a pretty little compact, and - whee! - some H-R minis!

(The fire hydrant isn’t, but it came with.) Lady and Tramp’s puppies look about as happy as I felt when I found them. The puppies get to stay, but the other four H-Rs I already have, so they’re going on the sales list. Small, and easy to pack - now that’s more like it!

I did have to leave behind, of all things, a vintage custom Legionario by Linda Leach. That was the last thing I was expecting to see, let me tell you. I’ve found a few other "name" customs at the dirt mall before, but they were clearly body box leftovers. This one was actually salvageable - a little dirty, a few dings, but maybe an hour or so worth of work away from being competitive in a "Vintage Custom" class.

I desperately wanted to rescue him, but the dealer was all "He’s signed by the artist," and stuff. I told her I really didn’t have the money she was asking for him. This was genuinely not a ploy: I blew most of my money on the giant bin of patches!

(Anybody want some? Most excellent for crafting!)

Nope, no budging on the price. In my final parting salvo, I mentioned that I actually, uh, used to know the artist and all that, but she was not impressed. Either she wasn’t or hadn’t been a hobbyist, or she was trying to double head fake me or something.

I don’t go out of my way to collect vintage customs, especially now that they’re the thing, but it was another one of those opportunities that presented itself. It didn’t work out this time, but there’s always next week. Unless someone else gets to him first. (I know you’re out there - I might not see you, but I can see where you've been.)

Speaking of the coming week, my presence in it is going to be a bit scarce. I’m trying something new this year, where I’m going to try and get as much done for BreyerFest as I can at least a month ahead of time. I have a full work schedule, too, so it should be an interesting experiment in time management.


Helen said...

Those patches were worth it! Your flea market fascinates me.

ANDREA said...

Yes, it is truly the awesomest flea market in the land.

It's the one where the flea marketers shop for things to sell at other flea markets.

Julie said...

I take it you got the volunteer position at BF. Congratulation!!! I hope you have a lot of fun and please keep us up to date on the spun gold surprise and volunteer model. Thank you for a wonderful blog.

Becky Turner said...

why did you buy the name patches? lol I guess I don't get it or something.. I see collecting the horses or other little sculpts and other things to do with breyer but you also collect patches too? what will you do with them? too bad the didn't have a lot of girl names! you could sell them to everyone at breyerfest and make a lot of cash! lol