Sunday, January 23, 2011

BreyerFest 2011 Sneaks

Most of my headspace has been occupied, inexplicably, with obscure quilt patterns from the 1930s, so the follow-up to the molded-on tack discussion will have to wait a few more days. I’ll talk about some of the just-announced BreyerFest SRs and stuff instead.

First and foremost, let me do a virtual Snoopy Dance on the return of the Mountain Goat. I’m sure this guy was in the works before I brought up the notion in my Alpine post back in December - the idea seems quite obvious, in retrospect. I’ll probably have to buy a couple of them - one for me, and one for one of my regulars, who’s been politely hassling me for a Mountain Goat for a few years now.

The Unicorn is, alas, predictable and boring. You’d think they could have dressed it up with something a little more imaginative than twee bits of garland - what, they couldn’t spring for a gold mane and tail, a jade green paint job, or some stylized flames? Nope, it’s the same old pastel blandness. I wasn’t likely to buy it anyway, since it’s a porcelain, but I was hoping they'd at least put a little effort into it.

I’m feeling a little indifferent to the Black Tie Affair, a model I’m assuming will be the Store Special. The mold looks good in pinto; I just haven’t been feeling it for the Huck Bey mold lately. Interesting how the Store Special seems to have evolved into the undercard/second string guest horse SR.

The Big Ben looks good in pinto, too, but I’m feeling equally indifferent to the dingy-looking pinto SR. He’s come in a couple of pinto SRs recently - Monaco, and the Collector’s Choice Gathering Storm - so maybe that’s why he’s not really wowing me at the moment. Maybe he’ll look better in person. (Duh, what am I saying - of course he’ll look better in person!) But will he be better enough to overcome my current lack of enthusiasm?

The Red Bay Appaloosa Show Jumping Warmblood is interesting; I don’t have a loose-mane version of that mold yet, so it fits into my buying program. I’d need to see one in person - and all of the other as-yet-unnamed SRs - before I make my final selections. (Aside from the Goat: he’s non-negotiable.)

No complaints here on the Celebration Horse: the Esprit mold looks very nice in a lightly dappled pearl white. He reminds me a little of a gorgeous, near-perfect Templado I had to part with last year. I do need an Esprit for the collection, and all the other Esprit releases aren’t really available to me.

(The whining and sniping about him on Blab, though - yeesh. Every release can’t be designed specifically for you, darlings.)

I can’t think of anything at the moment for the "Happy Endings" contest. The fairytales I’m familiar with are the undistilled, unDisneyfied versions that mostly end in death or maiming. (Go find the "original," pre-Perrault version of Cinderella and you’ll see what I mean.) When I do think of "happy endings," I can’t think of anything that’s not a little - or a lot - risque (the inevitable consequence of having a masseuse for a roommate last year.)

It might be moot, since I already have a pair of shoes for a potential costume contest entry, if there is one.

Or maybe I’ll get really, really lucky and win one of those Early Bird Raffle models. A silver bay splash spot appaloosa El Pastor? That’s … different. Certainly more imaginative than the porcelain unicorn.


Lindsay said...

They sound interesting - have you received the info from Breyer with the new JAH? I don't see the info on their website (not that it seems to be updated a lot). Can't wait to see the pictures!

BreyerRose said...

Yes, where did you see these? Can't find them anywhere. The Celebration model is a pearly dapple Esprit? EXCELLENT! He will go well with my Templado et al. on my pearly shelf. And BTW you can get the regular lovely Esprit on sale for $29.99 now at, here's the link:,389&dispRow=389

BreyerRose said...

AAAHHHHH, YOUTUBE of course!!!!

QuzqosMa said...

LOL! The same (naughty) thought came to me when I read "Happy Endings"! I could sure come up with an entry for that, but it'd probably be politely ignored, or else covered with a box to shield the eyes of the public!