Sunday, September 26, 2010

Coping Strategies

Yesterday, my brother heard me yelling in my office, and promptly told me to walk away from the computer. The WEG Specials? Yeah, it was the WEG Specials.

I couldn’t, of course. Last week’s work schedule really messed me up (gone from home for two days, slept through most of a third) and while the limited Internet access was probably as good a coping strategy as any for dealing with the WEG specials, it’s not something I could avoid forever.

And boy howdy, did it hurt like heck. The exclusive SRs are nice - I wouldn’t mind the Gold Raven, or that Palomino Roxy - but it’s the premium reissues that are really killing me, especially the matte POA Toby and the (cry-sob-whimper) Traditional Man o’ War.

Stab me in the heart, why don’t you Reeves?

Yeah, and real smart move, not limiting the low quantity SRs to one per person, or so many per day. Were they really expecting all those SRs to last for the bulk of 16 days, without any purchase limits? If most of the advertised - and unadvertised - exclusives are gone by now, there’s gonna be a lot of unhappy campers over the next two weeks. (Unless they pull more "surprises" out later in the week.)

My current coping strategy for the rest of the duration of WEG? I’m treating it like every other recent acronymic event (LSE, VRE): ignore, then mope. It’s too far away for a day trip, and I don’t have the money anyway. Might as well be another LSE or VRE, without the formality of a ticket raffle.

At this point I really can’t say any more about the event that wouldn’t involve the heavy, repeated use of expletives. So I won’t.

The flea market was adequate today. The weather was clear, if a tad cold. There seemed to be fewer crazy/creepy people milling about, but more outright tourists - you know, the kind that buy ornamental corn, painted pumpkins, and trivets made out of bottlecaps.

Lots models, but not much worth buying - everything was either body quality, or slightly overpriced. I found that odd, since prices usually start going down near the end of the season. I did find an okay Horned Hereford Bull that’s now sunning in the window, and a few neat old books (nothing horsey.) I also found the Swinging Girl part of a Mastercrafters Swinger Clock - not the clock, just the girl on the swing. It's just my luck, though, that I’m still missing a part to install it in the one clock incomplete clock that I have.

I do have a couple of research-intensive posts in the pipeline, including a little something about the Davy Crockett that I’m hoping to have ready by tomorrow. My schedule is a little less strenuous this week, or at least it appears to be so from first glance.


Carrie said...

I see your cry-sob-whimper for the re-released Man O' War & raise you some gnashing of teeth. Plus some hair tearing at Breyer's whacked out sales 'plan'. Feh.

Now I want to name a racehorse Ornamental Corn, however.

Lysette said...

No kidding! I was doing pretty good about not sulking until pictures of that 5-gaiter came out... (And I'll admit that silver dapple Esprit hurts my heart a bit as well.) But as I said on Blab, I really wish Breyer would stick to the BF wrapped QH style of surprises as opposed to these charcoal Silver type surprises. I try to channel my plastic horse emotions into the *older* models, but every now and then there's a new model in a funky release that gets a bit under my skin!

Jesse Noe Mendez said...

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Well I welcome you to my blog, and if you follwo me, I will also follow you.

I hope to hear from you soon...


ANDREA said...

I am so naming one of my models Bottlecap Trivet. Sounds like a good name for an Appaloosa, I think.

I also have horses named Burgoo Trollop and Fireproof Sofa. (Hey, I don't show that much, so why not?)

bubbasmom said...

I love your coping strategy! I think I'll adopt it, too. I would've LOVED one of those 5-gaiters; unfortunately, it appears that Breyer employed their usual ham-fisted sales tactics... Did they really think the SRs would last all 16 days? Really?