Saturday, October 10, 2009

Pottery Barn Strapless

Something real short today - still recovering from an especially rough work week. Next week should be better.

I was really surprised at how much I really like the new Pottery Barn Strapless. Isn’t it nice that a simple bay paint job on an unfussy, undramatic mold can be so pleasing?

When she first came out, I wasn’t super-impressed with the mold. I thought she clean and elegant, but a little on the dry side, like an anatomical model in a biology textbook. I guess the folks at Reeves got that impression, too, releasing her as an actual anatomical model - the 1228 Anatomy in Motion - a couple years later.

I’ve warmed up to the mold considerably. I like the mane and tail options that they’ve given her, and the colors she’s come out in have been pretty awesome. And best of all, simple: if you've got a good base to work with, any color - even the plainest ones - will shine. The liver chestnut on the Sidesaddle Set? Mmm, yummy!

I love an eyecatching paint job as much as the next hobbyist, but sometimes simplicity is better. I guess it’s just years of observation that have made me skeptical of overly complex colors or patterns: it always makes me think that the artist or manufacturer has something to hide. Neck too long, shoulder too stiff, or the legs are bending in positions not seen in nature? Eh, distract the judges with a dappled sooty buckskin frame overo paint job. And don’t forget the tri-colored eyes and mapping!

She’s another one I’ll be putting on my wait list: I discovered earlier this week that I really have reached the limit of my storage capacity: I spent a half an hour wandering around the house trying to find a spot for my Pony Gals Stablemates. (My set is at last complete! Yes!)

I spent a large portion of yesterday (the part when I was awake) cleaning, reorganizing and making tough decisions on who and what will be going into storage. I’d love to sell some stuff, but the market for anything but test colors, sub-50 piece SRs and Glossies is dead, dead, dead.

Maybe I’ll have better luck selling some of my quilts, instead; I’ll have to look into that.

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