Monday, July 20, 2009

The Usual Post-BreyerFest Funk

My apologies for the lack of posts over the weekend; this BreyerFest was not quite what I expected it to be, but then again, it never is. I knew it wasn't going to go entirely to plan after I fell down that flight of stairs Wednesday night and found myself sprawled out on the floor in the 600's...

I'm still recovering from that little incident, and suffering from the usual Post-BreyerFest Syndrome. I spent most of today unpacking and sleeping, and I'm still not quite up to speed.

And I have to work tomorrow. Fooey!

So you'll have to wait another day or two more to hear about the skunk. And the typhoon. And me being interviewed by the Lexington Herald-Leader. And the McDonald's staffed by the cast from Hee Haw. And the nasty "Bee Woman."

I know, I'm such a tease.

1 comment:

Christine said...

I have a photo of you being interviewed ;). Nice meeting you there. Enjoyed your sampler too.