Thursday, June 18, 2009

BreyerFest. And Stuff.

Don't get used to me posting every day, guys and gals. As I said ... I have lots of unexpected free time on my hands this week. I'll take this post to wrap up some loose ends. Some personal, some model horsey. A regular-type history post is on deck for tomorrow.

There are no plans to put my collection online, yet. I'm trying to finish up various other creative projects first before I tackle something that intimidating. Like getting Marney Walerius's album online: I have scanned and prepped all of the photos, but I haven't had the time or energy to design and upload the site.

Me being a full-time writer (of the model horse or non-model horse type) has been suggested to me several times before, but I'm the kind of person who really, really needs a regular schedule to accomplish anything. And what I mean by a regular schedule is a full-time job with predictable hours. (Preferably one that includes a desk and a chair.)

Currently freaking out about my BreyerFest situation, making phone calls, dealing with all the drama that comes with being me is enough to keep me motivated in the short term, but I really, really do need a regular, full-time job with semi-regular hours before I can make any measurable, long-term progress in my creative endeavors.

Speaking of BreyerFest ... as some of you know, I have roommate problems. I always have roommate problems. Because of all the nonsense that's been going on, I haven't yet made the effort to find one. (There's a possibility my brother could fill in if necessary - he's fully Breyer and BreyerFest-trained - but part of the reason to go to Kentucky is to get away from my family.)

(And because I know some of you might be wondering, yes, he's single, available and he likes girls. But he's also a bit of a cheapskate. And opinionated. He could really use a makeover, too.)

Originally I was thinking I wouldn't even need a roommate if the job thing was going to last a few weeks longer, but that didn't happen. Now I have to make every dollar count! I'll make the formal announcement of need tomorrow (Friday) in all the usual places, but since we're all friends here, I'll let y'all know about it first. Especially since you of all people would know what you're getting into, right?

All of the usual requirements apply: nonsmoker, no kids or pets unless they're potty-trained and semi-independent, no drama, no spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend issues, no sneaking out and trying to leave me with the bill, etc. I'm at the HIN, allegedly the first floor, but you know how that is. I'll be selling stuff, gossiping and distributing my Samplers, so you gotta be okay with that. (I really am a bit of a diva!)

I'm also okay with anyone who wants to rent sales space for a night or two. I may have one person coming in for one night of that already.

And of the Samplers - I will try to have back issues available to those folks who missed out on last year's issue. As well as copies of some older back issues I found in my files. The back issues you'll have to ask for separately - I won't have every issue, and I won't have enough to go around for everybody.

The horse licking stuff? Yeah, I know, weird. My inherent weirdness probably contributed to the demise of that retail job. That place was a little too culturally conservative to contain my personality.

But it also stems, partly, from my training as an Art Historian. I had a wonderfully engaging Art History professor in college who constantly reminded us that the only way to fully appreciate a work of art was to explore it with all your senses, and not just the visual. "Don't just look at it, explore it! Walk around it. Touch it, smell it, lick it if you can get away with it!"

Hence the lack of hesitation when it comes to Breyer tasting. It's just a part of the research process, folks.

Puppy situation: not happening. Right now anyway. (More crazy drama? You bet!)

Job situation: I'm back to the job I had before, which I had the common sense to not formally quit in the first place (the life I live needs lots of backup plans. And backups to the backups.) Not thrilled by it (hours not regular, lots of travel) but at least they're happy to see me, and I know that I'm wanted. Worked today and I'm working tomorrow, in fact.

And since I have to get up extra early in the morning for that, I bid y'all adieu.

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