Monday, March 16, 2009

Back to the Future

As you can see, I spent more time tinkering with Blogger code than with writing this weekend. I am still not entirely happy with it, so the design will continue to change and evolve over the next few months. It'll do for now, though. (In the meantime, I need to brush up on my coding skills - I think I almost broke the Internet at some point yesterday!)

The post regularly scheduled for today will likely be posted tomorrow or Wednesday, depending on my schedule; it also needs a little more work, but nothing involving the hacking of source code. I also plan on following up with a further commentary and notes about the discussion of the Palomino PAM in the next post or two after that - I just have to decide which road to take with it.

Speaking of Breyer Urban Legends, I hope I wasn't the only one who yelled "Christmas Decorator!" at the sight of the pearly green smoke Huck Bey on Facebook the other day. That's another topic I'll have to get around to eventually, as I'm one of the handful of people who are responsible for the existence of that particular legend.

While I was running my errands on Saturday I stopped at the local Tractor Supply to check out the newest releases. The new touchability box on the Palomino Buckshot was interesting (more on that another time) but I spent most of my time puzzling over the new, curious "Best in Show" line.

They're being advertised as "Gorgeous, upscale ... fine quality show horses." Garishly bright silver horseshoes, the glassy bug eyes, the poofy hairdos - yeah, I remember having custom show horses like that - back in 1985!

In all honesty, they're really not that bad. (Hey, I loved my vintage customs! Still do!) These models are clearly not designed for me. I'm cool with that.

The paint jobs are really quite nice - on par with or slightly better than your average regular runs. The Arabian and the Quarter Horse didn't do a lot for me as sculptures, but that just might have been the paint jobs they selected getting in the way. The bay on the Arabian makes him look a little nondescript, and the white face and blue eyes on the QH? Freaky!

The Thoroughbred on the other hand, is rather handsome - I wouldn't mind buying him if they manage to get the mane and tail in scale and under control. Or if they do a later rerelease with a sculpted mane and tail. I could see that happening - with the disappearance of the H-R Thoroughbreds from the Classic line, there's definitely a gap to be filled there, perhaps with more modern legends in their stead.

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